Aesculapius EU/LAT Project

  • An integrated environment †for worldwide secure exchange of healthcare information, based on Open Source Software
  • Proposal to the European/LatinAmerican ALIS e-health program
Mailing List
Partner Country Institution Contribution
Gabriela Henning
Argentina National University of Litoral, CONICET (INTEC) Drug Database and Interaction Module
Gustav Quade Germany University of Bonn (IMBIE) Terminology Service Module; Database Administration; Legal, Ethical, Security Issues
Helder Coelho
Portugal Universidade de Lisboa Scheduling Module; Agency Infrastructure
Horacio Leone
Argentina University of Santa Fe Connection of Clinics to Healthcare Server System
Ilka Philippow,
Christian Heller
Germany TU Ilmenau Project Organisation and Technical Coordination; Framework Architecture, Ontology Design
Luis Echezuria Great Britain (England) Onega Health Record with Pregnancy Care Module
Rosa Vicari Brazil UFRGS Decision Support Module
Sergio Pacheco de Oliveira,
Miguel Murat
Brazil National School of Public Health (ENSP/FIOCRUZ) Primary Care Module
Synetics Diagnostics Venezuela Synetics Maternity Hospital EMR Module
Vasiliki Karounou Greece National Technical University of Athens Traffic Accident Care Module
Wagner Teixeira da Silva,
Marcelo Ladeira
Brazil Brasilia University Decision Support Module
Assistants / Supporters / Possible Partners
Assistant Country Institution Contribution
Alvaro Rey Great Britain (England) Canninghouse (not-for-profit organisation) Project Management, Application Process
Dirk Schlegel Germany TU Ilmenau Application Support
Luis E. J. Beck Germany Institute of Aerospace Medicine (DLR) Application Support
Mel Goldberg Great Britain (England) MBG Legal Issues
Renaisi Great Britain (England) Renaisi (not-for-profit organisation) Project Management, Application Process
Project Proposal to be provided by the APPLICANT (Christian)

The Application contains the following parts:

  1. Grant Application Form
  2. Summary Budget Table
  3. Logical Framework
  4. Declaration
  5. Acknowledgement of Receipt
  6. Disk or CD-ROM with Application Form, Summary Budget Table, Logical Framework, Memorandi of Understanding
Documents to be provided by EACH PARTNER
  • Via email
    • Address, Accounts, Network connection of own Organisation
    • Subproject Description of the own contribution
    • Individual Estimated Budget
    • Document which identifies the legal status of the organisation (non-profit / profit)
    • Statutes of own Organisation (and, if possible, Articles of Association)
    • Most recent Annual Report
    • CVs of the core project managers

  • Via email OR fax AND express mail
    • Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) AND Budget
      Sign EVERY PAGE of it and add the date, stamp and signature in your section on the last page.
    • Sworn Statement
      Fill in your institution and the name of your authorized person (marked with [??]). Add the name of your location/city/place, the date, a stamp of your organization and your signature! (Delete the [??] characters.)

    1. SCAN these 2 documents (Black & White) and send them VIA EMAIL to Christian.
      Note: My mailbox size is limited to 10 MB!

    2. OR

    3. FAX these 2 documents to Christian: +49-3677-69-1220

    4. AND

    5. SEND these 2 documents by FEDEX, UPS or DHL (not by normal "snail" mail), marked URGENT, to Christian:

      Christian Heller
      Aesculapius @LIS Project
      Technische Universitšt Ilmenau
      Max-Planck-Ring 14
      98693 Ilmenau
      PF 100565
      98684 Ilmenau

The documents need to be supplied in digital format to @LIS and the Applicant (Christian) must print and add his signature to them. Deadline is the 31.10.2002, 12:00 h. By then, ALL documents have to HAVE ARRIVED in Brussels!

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